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The application tracks the tablet's location using cell tower triangulation - the best way to find out the geolocation of the device if it has a SIM card inserted: Mobile-Locator determines which mobile operator serves the target number, then requests the geodata about where the SIM card is located at three base stations of this operator. The geodata obtained is enough to locate the tablet to within 1 square meter.

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Tracking tablet by IMEI

In the absence of a SIM card, the software uses tablet tracking by IMEI. IMEI code is a unique identifier of the device, it can be found on the box from the device or on the tablet body.

  • Tracks even turned off devices. IMEI tracking allows you to find a disconnected tablet no matter where it is or when it was turned off.
  • Intuitive interface. The application Dashboard was developed with a focus on novice users. On average, it takes no more than 5 minutes to get acquainted with the functionality.
  • Synchronization with map services. You can broadcast your geo position to Google Maps or other applications. Broadcasting is performed in real time, without delays or inaccuracies.
  • Remote control of the tablet. The app can lock the device while leaving geo-services and tools for monitoring call logs and SMS history enabled.
  • Find a tablet for free. Become a member of an affiliate program: bring new users to Mobile-Locator and get royalties from their payments to pay for the application functionality.
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How do I find a lost or stolen tablet from my computer or phone?

The software will make finding your tablet as efficient as possible - as a rule, if someone has found or stolen a device, it will be turned on at some point. Mobile-Locator only takes a second to determine the geolocation of the device.

Tracking employee geolocation

The app can be used as a tracker for the movements of employees who use a tablet as an on-board computer. Geo data is detected with high accuracy, no matter where the device is located.

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What our customers are saying

Tested the software in action on a smartphone and tablet, works equally well. However, it is not always convenient to find the device inside the house, because the error can be decent. It is best suited for detecting the history of movement.

The possibilities of the affiliate program are really limitless. In addition to excellent and high quality software, the developers have provided good methods for building business cooperation.

It's hard to appreciate my peace of mind when I understand where the kids are and not only see their geolocation, but I can also estimate their social circles. Therefore, as a thank you, I have recommended the app to all my close friends.

Great, mastered it quickly and without any problems. I am of course still that user-professional), but it really can cope with anyone.

I had a rather positive experience when I discovered this site. Nowadays, it's hard to imagine life without a convenient program for covert monitoring. It is much easier to sleep when you know exactly what your loved ones are doing when you're not around. I think such tools will be in trend for the next five years.

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