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The software is compatible with devices running on the platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The tool receives the information from the resource pursuant to Privacy Policy,. Mobile-locator allowing you to track the current location of target devices, reflecting their geolocation on the map in real time.

Obtained data will be available in the section "Geolocation" of the Dashboard.. All the information about our customers is stored on the resource servers in encrypted form.

How to track someone else's location by phone number with an Android smartphone?

There are not so many suitable solutions. In fact, there are no good applications for this as Google Play has restrictions that prevent spyware developers from uploading their products to the app store.

The only way to track someone else's location by phone number is to use the web applications, and Mobile-Locator perfectly fits for this purpose. The software has a wide range of features and can track multiple users from one account as well as synchronize geotags with Google Maps. Another important app feature is the Affiliate Program. Thanks to this feature, you can track a person by phone number without his consent.

Yes, you can! Moreover, Mobile Locator works

with any phone numbers.

Don't worry about the result, our software can locate any phone with a SIM card connected to network. The owner's status and his smartphone protection level do not matter. The geodata of target device is read from cell towers, which any SIM card is forced to interact with.

Operating worldwide

The application supports all cellular communication standards. Hence, it can interact with the mobile operator's equipment worldwide. The tracking efficiency remains unchanged even if the target subscriber is abroad and uses roaming service. In fact, nothing changes for the SIM card, it is still automatically connected to the nearest communication tower.

The app locates the subscriber with the turned off phone

You only need an active SIM card with the specified number when launching the app. After that, the application can track the phone by IMEI. At that, you should understand that tracking process might slow down, but you will still be able to locate the phone owner until he activates his number.

How can I locate someone else by phone?

How to track a phone by number

Phone geodata monitoring is carried out using the triangulation of cell towers. The application employs the signal data of the target smartphone received from cell towers to determine the exact location of device. Once the application located the target device, the software will display it on the Dashboard, and then exchange signals with the phone, and keep tracking it.

Locate the phone by IMEI

Geolocation tracking by IMEI is a much less accessible and well-known way of tracking location of the target device. The data regarding a phone with a specific IMEI being connected to a specific tower is stored by the telecom operators, but they cannot share it. The Mobile-Locator comes to the rescue, reading this data directly from the towers without having to notify the operator of it.

Find out the phone number from the link on the social network

Each profile in social networks is linked to a phone number, but the user can hide it with privacy settings. However, our technology can bypass these settings. Using Mobile-Locator, you can determine the phone number of any profile owner, and then start tracking him.

Locate someone else's phone number by vehicle registration plate

Our application is the perfect way of locating someone's phone by vehicle registration plate, but we cannot fully guarantee a successful result. Currently, the search was successful in 87% of cases. The software automatically purchases all the databases containing the target phone number and vehicle registration plate, which can be up for sale on the Darknet.

How to track someone else's phone by number for free?

Step-by-step Guide for participation in the Mobile-Locator Affiliate Program.


Register and get a referral link

You can quickly login via social networks or use an email address for registration. Once you have completed this step, the system will generate a unique link for you.


Copy the link and share it with as many people as possible

Use any available communication channels to share the link with people who might be interested in using Mobile-Locator. For example, you can do it in social networks, forums or video blogs.


Get 20% of the funds paid by the referrals

You can spend earned money on buying certain software features or expanding the existing ones, or withdraw it to your bank account.

Can I track a subscriber's phone number on Google maps?

Track someone else's phone number on the map

The Mobile-Locator's web map is the best way of tracking the phone owner's location by number. We have made the map fast and easy to use, but its main advantage is additional feature that enables saving and labelling addresses, generating information and photos about the current geolocation, a time machine (learn more about it below).

Track a person's address by phone number

Geodata are also displayed in the application interface as the coordinates or as an address in the following format: Country, Region, City, Street, Building. To detect the building number, application uses the address of nearest building within 100 meters distance from a subscriber's geolocation. All the addresses, where the target user has spent over half an hour, are saved in the "Address Log".

The history of travel routes and some AI

In this section, you will learn how to find out the whereabouts of the target user at certain time. Once the application started to track someone's location, it will also detect the device's travel routes, and save the current location point every 10 minutes. The artificial intelligence (AI) module establishes travel patterns and highlights regularly repeated patterns in the section "Travel Routes".

Broadcasting geolocation to other maps

Mobile-Locator users can keep track of the subscriber's whereabouts on Google Maps or other map services. For this, you need to activate the corresponding app feature in Settings, and then enable the necessary permissions in the smartphone and service. Broadcast of geodata happens in real time, with minimal latency.


Global сustomer support

The Mobile-Locator team values each customer and pays special attention to the accuracy of features, continuously striving to improve the offered service.


User's trust rating

According to recent survey, this is the number of customers who want to use the service again. We really appreciate this.

"How I managed to track my wife's phone number" and other stories from our users


If I understood correctly, this application can track any phone by IMEI code. Does it mean that I can monitor the phone even if it's turned off?

Yes, the application can do this. You can track someone else's phone by IMEI code if the subscriber has disabled the target SIM card, but you can't do so if the target device was turned off. However, the software will save data about the phone location at the time of disconnecting, and will notify you when it is on again.

How do you use AI in the application?

Currently, we use AI to analyse the user's travel routes, and predict the future ones.

I use Mobile-Locator to track my husband's phone, and I'm afraid that he will notice it. How can I avoid this?

If the tracked user can physically see the open Mobile-Locator web application, you should go to Settings and activate the automatic logout feature.

How to track the phone owner's travel routes if he has disabled geolocation services?

In this case, you can track the phone owner by IMEI code. The application will keep monitoring the subscriber's geodata in slow mode.

Can I track the subscriber's location if I don't know his phone number?

Yes, Mobile-Locator can identify the number linked to any Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter profile.

User Reviews

star star star star star5

My sincere respect goes to the developers. Because of your effort, the world can now geolocate an iPhone or any other phone! I am really happy with the fact that this app has a wide range of features, the Dashboard has a very nice interface. The application works fast and other users seem to like it:)

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

It's really cool app! I didn't hope to find anything special when I googled how to track the phone by vehicle registration plate. Well, I was pretty surprised when I came across this app. So, I managed to get the number of the criminal who escaped from the accident scene, but this is a completely different story... In other words, this application is simply the best and I recommend it to everyone.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I used Mobile-Locator to track my wife's location by her friend's phone number as she turned her phone off that evening. I can say that the app has geolocated her well, but it doesn't broadcast geolocation well to other maps (I use Baidu Maps). I hope my bug report will help you to improve the app.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

This software helped me already for the second time in a row. The first time I used it to track down a smartphone lost at home, as it turned out. Now I was tracking the doings of my child's irresponsible nanny. So, I am very happy with Mobile-Locator. Great job, guys! Keep it up!

gbGreat Britain
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star star star star star5

I have done pretty boring things with Mobile-Locator, but I'll share my story anyway. I bought this application to check where my son is so that I wouldn't need to worry about his whereabouts. But in the end, I got a little addicted to it. Now, I can open the app and check it automatically like Instagram. In short, I'm having lots of fun, thanks!

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

As a developer, I can surely say that parental controls are working just fine! I am currently tracking the devices of my three children right in the online map! The delays are minimal and the app works well 💯!

gbGreat Britain
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