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The wide functionality of the application makes it the most rational and effective solution for those who are looking for how to check a person by phone number. Mobile-Locator approach is based on a combination of two technologies: tracking geo-positioning via satellite and monitoring databases of mobile operators. All the obtained data is synchronized with the servers and then displayed in the user interface.

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User privacy is one of the key values of the product. Users can export the obtained data at any time and, if necessary, delete their account: when deleting, all the data related to the account, both about the user and the tracked subject, will be automatically deleted from the Mobile-Locator database.

  • Tracking movements. From the moment tracking is installed, the software tracks and saves information about all movements of the person being tracked.
  • Find out the owner's name. Mobile-Locator asks the mobile operator for all the data about the owner of the target number and then provides it to the user.
  • Find out how the caller is listed in other people's Contacts. A unique tool that scans the address books in the devices of the people with whom the subscriber communicates.
  • Find an address by phone number. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze a person's movements and then establishes their home and work addresses.
  • Identify connected Wi-Fi hotspots. All the points the tracked device has ever connected to are displayed on the Mobile-Locator map.
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What our customers are saying

I always use it when I receive spam mails from obscure stores. I compile a database of unscrupulous sellers and leave negative feedback about them. I am sick and tired of receiving unsolicited phone calls!

Constantly receiving threats from an unknown number until I tracked down the callers. It turned out that it was my ex-girlfriend who paid the bullies that they threatened and intimidated me, a nightmare!

When receiving calls on your work phone, it can be very important to know who you are talking to. Mobile-Locator does it by 5+. I always use it!

When there are missed calls from a number I do not know, I can always find out who called me. This way I know if I should call back or if it's just another useless advertisement.

I use Mobile-Locator when I make new acquaintances online. It's very useful to know everything about a person before I meet him or her. So I have already been able to avoid many unwanted acquaintances and save a lot of time and nerves

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