Track the travel history of any device

In order to track the route and travel history of another person, all you need is a cell phone with an updated browser. If you know the cell phone number of the target user, with Mobile-Locator you'll have no problem tracking him and getting the exact data about his geolocation. After activating the app you only have to wait 15 minutes and then you will have access to the person's geodata with a maximum accuracy of three square meters.

Track any person's movement history by phone number | Mobile-Locator

See the detailed movement history of your mobile device

Location history shows you a timeline of the devices you've tracked.

  • Innovative mobile device tracking technology finds and continuously monitors changes in the location of your target devices.
  • Our system provides up-to-date location data every 5 minutes.
  • Location history is displayed as routes on a map and can also be exported as a CSV spreadsheet where geolocation is displayed as coordinates
  • Simultaneous display of routes of tracked devices on the online map.
  • Device

Instantly turn any phone into a geotracking device

We store location data on our servers, which guarantees you complete anonymity when you use the online app. The tracking tool never interacts with the target device: the software geolocates by detecting SIM card signals through GPS and cell tower triangulation.

Track up to five different devices at once for an additional discount.

How It works
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Simply enter your target phone number in international format and start the search process

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What our customers are saying

As the owner of a large business, it is always important for me to know where my employees are and how efficiently they manage their time. Mobile-Locator is perfect for such tasks.

My friends and I added our phones to the same account. Now everyone can log in on their smartphone and find out who is where. It's very convenient that you don't have to call each time to find out.

I have a fleet of rental cars. Almost all of them are connected to the network with a SIM module. With the help of Mobile-Locator I track their movements with maximum precision. It is incredibly convenient!

I use it as a parental control function on my children's smartphones. It's great that the online application doesn't slow down their phones and doesn't consume the battery. And the kids don't even know I'm watching them.

I watch my dad's movements through Mobile-Locator. It's great that it's compatible with push-button phones, the old man isn't friendly with smartphones. Incredibly convenient and fast!

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