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The software is compatible with devices running on the platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The tool receives the information from the resource pursuant to Privacy Policy,. Mobile-locator allowing you to track the current location of target devices, reflecting their geolocation on the map in real time.

Obtained data will be available in the section "Geolocation" of the Dashboard.. All the information about our customers is stored on the resource servers in encrypted form.

Location tracking and monitoring of a person's travel routes

How to track a person's location by phone for free?

There are many ways to locate a person online with varying extents of efficiency, safety, and at different cost. Most software should be installed on the target device and its cost can vary. If you are going to anonymously track a person without his consent, choose an application that will ensure safe and anonymous geolocation tracking. It is important for the coverage area of target device to have as many towers of cellular operators as possible as it will allow obtaining coordinates with the greatest accuracy. It is more difficult to find a suitable solution that will allow the one to locate a person for free. As a rule, high-quality and safe spyware is very expensive. The only reliable way to find out a person's location for free is to participate in Affiliate Programs. The Mobile-Locator web application offers a proven Affiliate Program.

Locate someone else's on the map

The app can track the current phone tags on the map. GPS coordinates are marked with dots and connected by lines to facilitate viewing.

GPS travel routes

The app tracks a person's travel routes using the coordinates based on the received data. You can select the time interval of interest and the fixed coordinates in this interval will be displayed on the map.

Displaying Wi-Fi points

The app combines the data on the use of access points with the obtained travel routes. The algorithm enables increasing an accuracy of the obtained coordinates to the maximum extent.

Geolocating someone else through apps

The software tracks the marked geotags in mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. You can also find out which of the subscriber's friends is in the coverage area.

Mobile-Locator is the perfect tool for locating a subscriber

The main features of the best Geotracker in history:

The app ensures steady and fast tracking

The application combines several approaches to obtain required data from cell towers and databases of mobile operators. To determine someone's location, the software uses triangulation to process data from the towers, while simultaneously requesting from the operator all available information about the past activity of the monitored device.

Geolocate a person worldwide

The program tracks the geodata of subscribers, wherever they are. The app syncs with communication towers in more than 150 countries. The list of countries is regularly updated. You will be able to find people abroad, even if they are connected to roaming. To track someone else, a SIM card with an active number inserted into the smartphone will do.

The app syncs with other maps

All received data are displayed on web maps based on the OpenStreetMap engine, which is also used by most cartographic projects. This allows you to open tracked geodata in Google Maps, Apple Maps, Maps.me and two dozen other applications. Moreover, all the geotags stored in these services can be duplicated on your Mobile-Locator maps.

The app simultaneously tracks the travel routes of several users

You can launch up to five geolocation tracking sessions in a single Mobile-Locator account. The number of tracked phone numbers does not affect the quality of the software performance and the usability. At the development stage, we paid special attention to optimizing the My Account interface for multi-user accounts.

The app can track a single subscriber at a basic level

Track a person's location by phone without their consent

At the tracking stage, application algorithms do not conflict with the security systems of mobile operators, that is, their protective mechanisms do not recognize software performance as suspicious. Thanks to this, now you can anonymously track someone else's travel routes without the target number's owner knowing this.

View the map of travel routes for the last day

The software can store the information about a subscriber's travel routes for any amount of time. However, such an array of data requires large memory. For accounts with a standard service package, the app creates an archive with the full history of travel routes. You can get access to the full history of travel routes at any time, buying an extended service package.

The app compiles obtained information into a table

All collected data are displayed as a text in a special information block. The standard table contains the fields such as Country, Region, City, Location Address, and Coordinates. For users of the extended service package, the software also requests information from the operator about subscriber's name and surname, mobile IP, used device, and connected WiFi points.

Advanced service package: enhanced surveillance and data analysis

A common smartphone turns into a full-fledged spyware

The app can locate a person by mobile phone even if it is turned off

Today, the technological stack of mobile operators makes it possible to determine the location of SIM card, even if the phone is turned off. To get this information, the app has to create and send a specialized request to the cell towers. Each user of the extended service package gets the opportunity to send one request per day.

The app stores addresses of buildings and names of establishments

The app tracks and stores a person's travel history in the Address Log. You can find addresses and places of interest using such navigation tools as Search (the integrated AI module will suggest addresses and establishments that are closest to your entered query), Calendar (search for specific dates), and many different filters.

The software analyses the collected information and displays statistics

Statistics allows you to discover a user's daily routine. You can learn what time he usually leaves for work, where he spends his lunch break, what places he visits on the way home, and so much more. With the appropriate settings, the app will automatically email you related statistics at the end of each week. You can check the obtained data on the Dashboard.

The app allows you to create tracking zones

Zone tracking is the best feature of Mobile-Locator. You can select certain areas on the map, and software will notify you every time the tracked object crosses their boundaries. For each zone, you can create notification scenarios. For example, you can enable notifications only at certain hours, or the app can notify you only about the first crossing of certain zone boundaries of any given day.


Global сustomer support

The Mobile-Locator team values each customer and pays special attention to the accuracy of features, continuously striving to improve the offered service.


User's trust rating

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Can the application locate a person traveling abroad without using their phone number?

The application's algorithms track a target user's routes worldwide, regardless of his phone number's activity status. To track someone, the target phone just has to have the inserted SIM card with the specified number.

How often does the software update the geolocation of tracked person?

The geodata displayed on the Dashboard are updated every 60 seconds. If necessary, they can be updated manually. The Dashboard interface has a special button for this.

Can I save the Address Log in the memory of my smartphone or computer?

You can export the Address Log with Mobile-Locator. You can save it on the device in .XLS format or email it to yourself.

I have created several tracking zones. Can I set separate notification settings for each of them?

Yes, you can set up fairly flexible notification scenarios for each zone. You can view, edit or delete created scripts in the Notification Settings.

Does the application show the exact time at which the tracked subscriber was in a certain place?

Mobile-Locator saves information about the time when the target user visited and left a certain location. Please note that the software may not identify a change of address if a person has moved to an adjacent building or another location that is within 10 meters distance from the originally visited place.

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How to locate a person by phone number for free?
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User Reviews

star star star star star5

The app maintains full anonymity. My boyfriend is totally obsessed with privacy and things like that. However, in the past few months that I have been following him, he hasn't had any clue about it. I log into the application only through a private browser window and I think that this is enough for now.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I was also pleased with the data storage policy. For all the time that I have used the site, I have never been shown contextual advertising about spyware, etc. even though this was the case with other services. It means that user data are really safe.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

It's a very powerful app. I decided to track my own phone number. The app instantly geolocated it whereas none of my three security applications detected tracking attempt. I highly recommend.

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star star star star star5

I really enjoyed using Mobile-Locator. The software has done everything to safely track a person of my interest. I really appreciate the fact that users can delete all data related to their account.

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star star star star star5

Do you know what's really cool? About a month after I last logged into the app, I received email reminder letting me know that I can delete all my personal data if I no longer plan to use it.

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star star star star star5

I have already tried a bunch of different trackers to monitor the whereabouts of my children. Many of them worked well, but sooner or later my son always noticed that I was following him and somehow managed to find his way out of it. There were no that kind of problem with ML. I have been using it for a year already, and he does not suspect anything.

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