Ability to build virtual barriers

The ability to build virtual barriers increases the effectiveness of parental controls. Mobile-Locator users can create zones from 100 square meters to 3 square kilometers in radius on the map, and the app will send them notifications if a child crosses the boundaries of the zones.

Build virtual barriers | Tracking your child's movements | Mobile-Locator


  • You can name the zones. This will help avoid confusing notifications.
  • Schedule your child's location. Specify the times at which your child should be in a certain location. Create a schedule with your child's movements in mind, and stay aware of where he or she is throughout the day.
  • Notification Scenarios. For example, the app can notify you only if your child is out of school for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Reporting with infographics. At the end of each week Mobile-Locator will send you an in-depth report on where and how much time your child spent.
  • Anonymity. The tracking is done in the background unnoticed by your child. You can keep full secrecy and confidentiality of surveillance if you want.
  • Device

Installing parental controls

Setting up parental control does not require any interaction with your child's phone - all you have to do is specify his phone number and activate tracking. Mobile-Locator is implemented as a web application, which means you also do not need to download and install anything, all information is stored in your account, which you can log in to from any device.

All of your child's location data is stored on the app servers in encrypted form, and the key to decrypt it is tied to your account. Thus, only you can access this data. If you delete a Mobile-Locator account, all data associated with it will also be instantly deleted.

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