monitor accounts Monitoring up to five different accounts

Mobile-Locator app allows you to create 5 geolocation tracking sessions in one account. The Dashboard interface is fully adapted for monitoring multiple people: using the map you can set flexible tracking settings - display the location of all tracked devices simultaneously, individually, or selectively.

Track multiple people's locations online on a map | Mobile-Locator

Tracking 5 geolocations in one account

  • Tracking schedule. Adjust tracking: set specific hours in which the app should track the location of one of your loved ones.
  • Personalized icons. Upload photos to the app to apply to icons that denote a loved one's geo-position on a map.
  • Security. All data is stored on our servers in encrypted form and the user is the only person with access to it.
  • Synchronization with Google Maps. At any time you can display the geo-positions of all devices in the Google Maps app.
  • It's profitable! The more tracking sessions you create, the lower the price per session becomes.

If you need to track more people, create another Mobile-Locator account, and then email us - we will apply the discount from the old account for the new one.

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