geofencing Geo-Locator is a smart tool for today's family

Mobile-Locator can be used for other purposes as well. Set your number to be tracked so you can be reminded when you get home, for example, to feed the cat, collect the mail or water the plants.If you have unpleasant people in your life, you can use a geofence with their mobile number to minimize the possibility of meeting them.

Geo-Security is an effective way to track your child's movements | Mobile-Locator

Geofence Management

Geofence uses GPS and cellular towers to track and alert you when a child has crossed the boundaries of created geofences:

  • Quick Setup.
  • Easy access from any browser.
  • Set up virtual boundaries and get instant alerts to your smartphone or email when a person has crossed them.
  • Manage geofences and other tracking data with a simple dashboard.
  • There's no need to install the app - all you have to do is enter your kids' phone numbers.
  • Device

How can this new technology help you?

People like to complain that kids and teens seem to have merged with smartphones these days. However, your child's fixation on a smartphone can be put to good use. After setting up GeoZones around your home or anywhere else, you can relax knowing that you'll be notified the moment your child goes home or comes home from school. The technology works in such a way that children cannot detect surveillance.

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