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Statistically, Mobile-Locator users successfully track the geolocation of a device 93% of the time.

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Locate devices

The technology on the basis of which the Mobile-Locator application was developed allows to locate devices that support eSIM. The software is able to track a phone, tablet or smart watch that uses eSIM, using data from cell phone base stations. In addition, geolocation tracking via satellite is possible for certain devices.

  • Works in real time. The app broadcasts data about where the device is with a maximum delay of 5 seconds.
  • Notification system. You can create flexible notification scenarios to instantly learn new information and, conversely, not receive alerts you are not interested in.
  • The target user is not aware of being tracked. The software connects to cellular towers unnoticed not only by the device owner but also by mobile operator's security system.
  • Universal search tool. Mobile-Locator is compatible with any device and mobile operators. In addition to GSM-smartphones, the software is compatible with operators using satellite communication technology.
  • Guaranteed result. Even if the device was stolen, you can't change eSIM number without turning on the device. Thus, at a certain moment its geolocation will be guaranteed.
  • Locate Mobile-Locator devices

Search for lost devices

A number of tools are integrated into the software allowing you to efficiently locate an eSIM device that was stolen or lost: for instance you can remotely lock it or take a picture from the front camera of your smartphone or tablet, unnoticed by the person using it at the moment.

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What our customers are saying

I use an eSIM-enabled collar for my pet, and have the Mobile-Locator connected just in case. If my pet gets lost, I can find it right away, very convenient!

The product has surprised me in a good way. I can highlight several killer features: I can use it simultaneously from several devices on different platforms. It works fast enough and completely unnoticeable. And most importantly - there is no need to download some strange software on the device. You make all manipulations only online. This is really cool.

More than once I found my phone with the help of the program. It is good that friends at one time advised it to me. For someone who is constantly forgetting and losing his things = it's just a godsend.

It is a great app, it helped me a lot. Were walking with my girlfriend and I accidentally dropped my phone and realized it was gone pretty far away. I remembered about the app and through geolocation I found my phone. It's good that there are such apps.

I have two small children underage. I tried almost all monitoring solutions, but all had their significant drawbacks. Here, I just entered their smartwatch numbers and ran discreet parental monitoring. Very convenient!

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