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Detecting the current location of your phone is the main purpose of Mobile-Locator application - it is effective for finding the whereabouts of a person or a lost smartphone. This basic feature of the software is suitable for tracking any device with a SIM card inside, no matter if it's inserted in an old or a modern phone model.

Track another person's current location | Mobile-Locator

Track your current location

  • Tracking is set up in just 15 minutes, after which we can see a person's current location in real time.
  • The application identifies the names of establishments and places where the subscriber is, and shows them to the user in the form of cells containing data: Name, Address, Popularity, Regularity of the subscriber's visit.
  • All data is under the user's control - he can clear the account database at any time. After that, it is not possible to restore user data.
  • You will definitely discover other benefits of the app when you start using it!
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    Keep track of your current Mobile Locator location
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What our customers are saying

Tried a huge number of monitoring apps and all had some pretty serious drawbacks! Mobile-Locator combined all the advantages and was the perfect monitoring solution.

There were a lot of questions during the installation process. It was important to find out all the nuances of data protection. The customer service was patient in answering all my questions and was always helpful.

I have two kids and used to stay up nights if they were out and not in contact, now if they say they are with friends I can always verify that.

Awesome prog, told all my friends and got cashback for myself. I now have three completely free launches

Tested the software in business on my smartphone and tablet, works equally well. Admittedly, finding the device inside the house is not always convenient, as the error can be decent. Best for detecting movement history.

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