Find a person by phone number online. Geolocate someone else on the map

Locating someone else has never been so easy! Create a Mobile-Locator account and geolocate someone else by phone number in the browser.

Find someone else by phone number

To start receiving required data, enter the target user's phone number in the international format.

The software is compatible with devices running on the platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The tool receives the information from the resource pursuant to Privacy Policy,. Mobile-locator allowing you to track the current location of target devices, reflecting their geolocation on the map in real time.

Obtained data will be available in the section "Geolocation" of the Dashboard.. All the information about our customers is stored on the resource servers in encrypted form.

A universal way to geolocate someone else online

The software exploits a unique technology that can locate anyone by phone online, regardless of the type of used device and the mobile operator. Apart from common SIM cards, the software monitors devices that use eSIM technology such as new generation smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. Mobile-Tracker also interacts with databases of landline operators and phone directories. This application can also find the house and apartment number linked to a specified phone number.

Fast performance

The software can geolocate a person by phone in just 15 minutes. Then it will monitor the travel routes in real time.

Anonymous tracking

You get access to location data via the Dashboard - a third-party interface used by the application to broadcast the search results in real time. This tracking model allows you to find a person by number without his knowledge and consent.

Unlimited requests

The application will keep monitoring the target SIM card signal. By paying for the application once, Mobile-locatoryou can locate someone else at any time.

Finding a person by satellite

The application tracks the satellite phones exploiting the previously mentioned approach to the data receipt from mobile operators. In this case, it obtains the data from satellite operators.

Using this application, you can monitor people worldwide. The tool exploits the triangulation of communication towers and tracks the mobile operator's signal. A customer just needs to indicate the phone number and get started. Having received the data related to the target user location from the communication towers, the app displays it on the cross-platform web maps in the Dashboard. The maps can adapt to all the browsers, screens and device types without affecting the app performance and speed.

Determining the exact address

The Mobile-Locator exploits the maps based on OpenStreetMap technology. It allows the one to accurately identify the address of the point on the map from which the monitored cellular signal is received. The address is displayed in the following format: Country> Area > Region > Building number.

Movements and travel routes

The application monitors a subscriber's movement trends, and then determines his regular routes, home and work addresses. The data is systematized and collected into a database. For the travel routes, all the stop points and the average travel time are indicated.

Data export

Use the export buttons to send information about someone else's location or his travel routes to the messenger or view it in another map service. You can also view and copy either the coordinates of a subscriber's current location or one of the Favorite places.

All connected access points

The software detects all the WiFi hotspots that the monitored device has ever connected to. This feature is used when the tracked user is outside the cellular network coverage area.

List of network devices

Apart from the exact location coordinates, the application provides the name of network and the list of devices that were connected to it at the time of tracker activation. The software will request data of the current connection of the target device from all previously connected routers.

Router data

The application accesses the data from routers connected to the network of mobile or stationary operators. The standard data packet contains the history of WiFi hotspot usage sessions, its name as well as information about the models of connected devices and the IP address.

Locate someone else by WiFi hotspots

If you need to find a person with a mobile phone, just search for the WiFi hotspots. This feature will identify all the networks the target subscriber has connected to, and track their location with an accuracy of 2 sq. m.

How to locate someone else by phone number

Use the web application to track someone else by their phone number, even when their phone is turned off. Smart interface and fast performance make ML one of the most responsive geolocation tracking solutions.


Register and set a goal

At this stage, the software will identify the mobile operator serving the specified phone number and request tracking the phone number data.


Buy the application

If you were redirected to the checkout page, it means that the telecom operator confirmed the ability to use data from cell towers. Once you have successfully bought the application, the software will start tracking the target user.


Log in to your Dashboard and get started!

The initial exchange of data packets with operators takes from 8 to 15 minutes. Once the target user has been successfully located, the app will notify you of this.

Geolocate the loved ones by phone number online

Mobile-Locator is a great alternative to common parental control apps. Regardless of the number of family members, you can buy a single account and then launch the required number of tracking sessions on your Dashboard. You don't have to download and install anything as you will have to interact with the application in the browser.

Notification system

You can create such zones as "Home", "Work" and others on the web maps. If one of the family members happens to cross the virtual boundaries, the others will be notified. Each user can individually adjust the notification settings for their device.

Parental control

To track your child's travel routes, the software can exploit the complex scenarios for monitoring geodata and sending notifications. You can set the hours at which your child should be at school, gym or at home, and instantly find out if his location doesn't meet the specified schedule criteria.

Favorable price

You will benefit more from launching multiple sessions for tracking cellular data in a single account than from buying multiple accounts. The more sessions you launch, the less you will pay for a single session. You can control all the sessions on a single map on your Dashboard.

Global сustomer support

The Mobile-Locator team values each customer and pays special attention to the accuracy of features, continuously striving to improve the offered service.


User's trust rating

According to recent survey, this is the number of customers who want to use the service again. We really appreciate this.


Can the application find out someone else's address by phone number?

Yes, it can do so. The software will geolocate the subscriber and then determine the address of the building closest to his location.

How many location tracking sessions can I simultaneously launch on single Mobile-Locator account?

You can launch up to 5 location tracking sessions in a single account. To launch more sessions, you need to register another account.

Can I geolocate someone else if they use a push-button phone or a tablet?

Yes, the model and type of device used by the target user don't really matter. The application receives geodata from the mobile operator. It is important to ensure that the target devices have a SIM card or use eSIM technology.

Is it possible to export Favorite URLs as a table?

Yes, selected addresses can be exported as XLS or CSV table. Once the addresses have been exported, you can download the spreadsheet to your device or email it to yourself. You can also view selected addresses on the map online.

Can the app steadily geolocate a person in a car?

Yes, Mobile-Locator geolocates people in real time, displaying their travel routes on a map in real time, regardless of the person's travelling speed.

Locating someone else by phone number: opinions, user reviews and criticism

We appreciate the opinions of our customers and are happy to publish their reviews.

star star star star star5

I would like to thank the app developers! I have been looking for an opportunity to "accidentally" meet up with a beautiful girl for some time already, and this app made it possible. I tracked her regular travel routes, waited at the metro station, and the rest is history. In general, I am glad to live in the age of technology!

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star star star star star5

We decided to give Mobile-Locator a try after we got disappointed with Apple's Family Sharing feature. I wanted to try something more efficient, and this application seemed to be the most advanced one among the others. I am very pleased with the notification system. Now I always know when my husband is coming home from work.

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star star star star star5

This is a very cool software with great features and convenient user interface. I am a developer, so I know what I am talking about. I thought I would no longer find software that can locate a person by phone number without permission and send him notifications. There is only one thing that really annoys me - I keep having to re-login to my Opera account.

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star star star star star5

My review will probably stand out :)). I work as a private detective. Since I bought this app, my job has become much easier. So I want to thank the Mobile-Locator's development team, this app is great in every sense. It works quickly without slowing down the smartphone or draining the battery.

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star star star star star5

I run a logistics company, and I have launched 5 tracking sessions in my application. The app works well, seamlessly the travel routes of all the drivers with virtually no delay. I highly recommend it to everyone who is thinking about buying a Mobile-Locator to control their working personnel.

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star star star star star5

My youngest son constantly plays on the school playground with his friends. I was always worrying about him even though the children were always supervised. Setting up virtual boundaries, I started getting the messages when certain area was crossed. Now I know exactly what my son is up to.

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