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With Mobile-Locator app you will be able to track your lost or stolen phone even if the device is turned off. The software allows you to find your phone's location on the map.

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Mobile-Locator users get access to a wide range of tools designed to track smartphone geolocation. The application tracks geo-data of devices through cell towers and from satellite in the same effective way. Information about where your phone is is displayed on the maps in the user's personal area. In order to find a lost smartphone, it is enough to specify the phone number linked to the SIM-card inserted in the device.

  • The data is displayed in real time. Find out where your lost phone is right now!
  • The app will notify you when your phone is found. Browser, system and email notifications are available in Mobile-Locator.
  • Works even with devices that are turned off. The app uses IMEI geolocation tracking technology, which allows you to track the device's location even with geolocation services turned off.
  • Devices can be locked remotely. This allows you to limit others' access to the data stored on your phone without preventing them from determining its geo-location.
  • The software determines the exact address of where your device is located. If you suspect your phone has been stolen, this way you can quickly provide the actual address of its location to law enforcement.

Mobile-Locator is compatible with any operating system, through the application you can find a lost iPhone, track a lost Android phone, and determine where any other device is, if it in one way or another interacts with the cellular or satellite data channels.

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What our customers are saying

I drank quite a bit over the weekend and woke up already without my favorite phone. A long search yielded no results, and there was no way to reach my number. Found my phone via Mobile-Locator and am completely satisfied. I recommend it to everyone!

I forgot my tablet on the train and didn't know how to get it back now. Through the app, I contacted the conductor and was able to meet him exactly at the appointed time. For a small fee, he returned the device safely!

Our mom had forgotten her iPhone at the cottage and thought it had been stolen. Good thing we already knew about the online device locator. Quickly geolocated it and came right back for it.

My Apple Watch fell off my hand while riding my bike. After riding back along the route, I couldn't find it. But Mobile-Locator helped me out. It turned out that they flew a little off the roadway right into the bushes and were lying there quietly waiting for me).

It's hard to count how many different phones I lost on the street. And each such loss was accompanied by a bad mood. After I started using Mobile-Locator the problem disappeared completely and now I can find my device right away!

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