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Mobile-Locator is designed so that our customers can track the GPS of any cell phone in real-time with the ability to view route history. This state-of-the-art feature works through the ability to send and listen to MAP messages through a worldwide accessible network. This method requires no special hardware or software installation on the target device, making its use completely anonymous and secure. Just enter any phone number in international format to start tracking another person's GPS. We have tried our best to simplify the complex algorithm to a level where any user can take advantage of all its features and use the GPS data tracking tool for their own needs.

Application for tracking GPS data by phone number | Mobile-Locator

Tracking GPS geolocation data

Geodata monitoring is invisible to the target user.

  • Full compatibility with all mobile devices, regardless of manufacturer, year, model or country of manufacture.
  • Adapted to the characteristics of cell towers around the world.
  • The attack is undetectable. Target device will work the same way it did before - the subscriber will not be able to detect tracking.
  • Mobile-Locator is able to find the device by GPS, even when it is turned off or moves out of the coverage area.
  • There is no need to request the consent of the owner of the tracked device. The GPS tracker works in stealth mode.
  • Device

Locate by GPS

Tracking a person via GPS can be useful in a variety of situations for businesses and individuals. If you know the target device's cell phone number, the system can detect that device's signal and establish its source by the power of interaction with the nearest mobile base station. The application takes advantage of the vulnerability of the data transfer protocol used by the operator, with GPS subscriber tracking being legal and secure, allowing service users to search for the subscriber's location anonymously.

  • The app is capable of tracking any SIM and eSIM cards.
  • The software integrates artificial intelligence that can analyze changes in GPS coordinates and determine the subscriber's home and work addresses.
  • Optimize your business processes by tracking whether your employees are doing their jobs. You will be able to check the history of the routes they have taken.
  • Satisfy your curiosity and determine the current location of any mobile device using GPS.
  • Tracking data can be free, you need to become a member of an Affiliate Program.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact our Support Service.

How It works
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Simply enter your target phone number in international format and start the search process

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What our customers are saying

The most worthy application for parental control. I am always aware of what my child is doing. New features are constantly emerging. Special thanks for the Wi-Fi tracking.

I think Mobile-Locator is very useful! This program will be appreciated by modern parents, for example! A big plus is that it is easy to run! It took me a maximum of 5-7 minutes. The functions all work - in 7 months of using it there were no failures. I don't think it's shameful to use this kind of thing to spy on children. Prudence in this matter does not hurt! Not every child tells their parents everything about themselves, and probably very few do. But to help them parental help in some ways will not hurt! Forewarned is forearmed!

I have my own small logistics company. It is difficult enough to track supply chains without GPS trackers installed. But the disadvantages of such solutions are their high price and the difficulty of integration. Once I started using the service - the problem was completely solved.

I tried a lot of monitoring applications and all of them had serious drawbacks! Mobile-Locator combined all the advantages and turned out to be a perfect monitoring solution.

There were a lot of questions during the launch. It was important to find out all the nuances of data protection. The support team was very patient and always helped me with all my questions.

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