How to track your phone's location and movements

Mobile-Locator geolocation tracker is a new tool to help you track the movements of any mobile device. The application will track your cell phone, tablet or other device if it has a SIM card inserted and you know the phone number tied to it. Data exchange technologies that previously seemed too complicated are now at your service. Our specialists did their best to make the software clear, efficient and anonymous. Hundreds of users have tried our phone location tracker and achieved their goals (you can see that by reading their Testimonials).

Reliable way to track your phone number | Mobile-Locator

Track Your Phone by Number

Geodata monitoring is invisible to the target user.

  • No need to change the structure of the target device in any way: i.e. add modules, change internal parts, connect anything to the USB port.
  • Works on any device, in any country, and on any mobile network
  • No need to get consent from the user of the target device - the tracking is discreet and confidential.
  • The service is legal and does not violate the applicable laws of any country.
  • Device
How It works
Enter number

Simply enter your target phone number in international format and start the search process

Choose one of the subscriptions

Top up your balance and check your email for further instructions

Log in to

Go to the Dashboard and manage your available sessions to start tracking

What our customers are saying

It is not very convenient that you can only run 5 sessions from one account. I am in an organization that tracks the movement of 28 employee accounts. And for that, I had to register 6 accounts. It is not too convenient to log out and log in again every time. Other than that, the app is perfect!

Works well, but I noticed that the iPhone is more accurate than the old phone. Checked it mainly for the sake of comparison, as there is still an old gadget with buttons. it is interesting to know what the reason might be.

Tried a huge number of tracking apps and all had some pretty serious flaws! Mobile-Locator combined all the advantages and turned out to be the perfect solution for covert gadget tracking.

There were a lot of questions during the launch process. It was important to find out all the nuances about data protection. The support team patiently answered all my questions and was always helpful.

Followed my spouse's itinerary when we had a difficult relationship. I used the app daily and was completely satisfied with it. I will not say why though =).

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