Frequently asked Questions

How does the app track device geodata?
Tracking of target device happens in several stages. First, the application detects the mobile operator servicing the SIM card inserted into the target phone. Then it exploits a vulnerability in the SS7 data protocol to connect to the main stations. Using the triangulation approach, our software employs data from the three nearest towers to geolocate the target device with the maximum accuracy.
Where can I download the installation file? Mobile-locator?
The software is implemented as a web application, therefore you don't have to download or install anything. A simple browser will do.
I want to use this app to track multiple people. How can I create over five tracking sessions on a single ML account?
Each Mobile-Locator user profile supports simultaneous monitoring of up to 5 tracking sessions. If you wish to track more phone numbers, please register several profiles on the Mobile-Locator's Dashboard.
Is it possible to create a separate icon in the phone menu to open the Mobile-Locator?
Yes, you can do it. Go to Settings > Display and click the Add to Home Screen button.
Can I simultaneously log in to the Mobile-Locator account on several devices?
Yes, users can log into their account on an unlimited number of devices.
How much does the app performance affect the phone battery consumption?
Mobile-locator It practically doesn't as our equipment takes care of everything.
I track the whereabouts of a loved one. How can I ensure the full anonymity of my actions?
We guarantee the full anonymity of performed search. To track a person from the immediate circle, go to the Application Settings and enable the Incognito mode. Once you have enabled this mode, the tracking sessions will no longer be saved in the browser history. So, when you open the Mobile-Locator website, you will be redirected to the login page.
Do I need to install the application on the target device to start working with it? Mobile-locator?
No, you don't have to install or download additional software to the target device. You can also use the app on any mobile or desktop device with Internet access.
I forgot the password from my Mobile-Locator's account. How to recover it?
The app administration doesn't have access to the user passwords, therefore we cannot help you recover it. Create a new account and contact our Customer Support. We will try to help you reactivate the old pricing plan in the new account.
What is the tracker's maximum accuracy during the trial period?
Free mobile tracker only works in evaluation mode. Once you've bought the subscription, the location perimeter will be narrowed down to about 10 sq. m.
Are there any guarantees that my child's whereabouts will not be available to anyone but me?
Yes, this matter is strictly stipulated in the Terms of Use of this application. Your child's location data is encrypted on our servers, and the decryption key is linked to your Mobile-Locator account.
What phone models do you support?
We support any phone or tablet independently of its manufacturer, model or specifications. The only requirement is that the target devices must use a SIM card for communication purposes.
Which countries do you support? Mobile-locator?
You can geolocate the target device in any country. We operate worldwide. Just specify the target phone number in the correct international format and start working with the application.
Can my child spot the tracking attempt?
No, your child won't be able to detect Mobile-locator The application operates in the background mode without affecting the performance of monitored device.
Is it legal to use your services? Mobile-locator?
Yes, mobile tower location data is publicly available and can be shared with anyone. We exploit the vulnerabilities of SS7 - the international set of phone protocols. The service defines the points of interaction between the target device and the nearest communication towers.
Can one learn that they are being tracked?
No, the monitored user will not receive any notifications and there is no way for him or her to learn what is being tracked.
How confidential is the use of this service?
We guarantee that the service is fully confidential. All the user data undergoes a two-factor encryption procedure. Moreover, we reserve the right not to disclose information about any related service actions to the third parties. You can also anonymously pay for our services.
Does parental control work if the child's smartphone is out of battery?
Yes, it does. In this case, the software will track the target device by IMEI code. In this mode, updating the geodata will take more time, but the accuracy of app performance will not be affected.
What should I do if I want to track two or more devices?
Please note that you can monitor as many mobile devices as you like. However, buying a single subscription, you can track up to five different devices only.
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept payments made through all popular payment systems and cryptocurrency platforms. To check the full list of supported payment methods, see our Pricing section.
Can I pay for the application in cryptocurrency?
Yes, to see the list of supported cryptocurrency platforms, go to the Pricing section.
Is it possible to use the app for free?
Yes, to do this you need to become a member of our affiliate program. You will get a unique affiliate link and your task is to attract new users through any available channels. The system will credit your account with 20% of all money spent by your referred users.