Locate iPhone by phone number online. The application displays the current location of target device on the map.

To search the target device, our application employs the triangulation of cell towers.

Phone number

Enter the phone number you wish to track:

The software is compatible with devices running on the platforms iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The tool receives the information from the resource pursuant to Privacy Policy,. Mobile-locator allowing you to track the current location of target devices, reflecting their geolocation on the map in real time.

Obtained data will be available in the section "Geolocation" of the Dashboard.. All the information about our customers is stored on the resource servers in encrypted form.

Efficient way of finding an iPhone without iCloud access, even when it's turned off

7 out of 10 Mobile-Locator users manage to find iPhone

To remotely locate the lost iPhone, Pad or Mac, we recommend using a location tracker that displays the device's location on a map using the GSM signal interception feature. Mobile-Locator is the best fit for this purpose. This application will instantly find the target device and show its location on the map. To geolocate the iPhone, the software intercepts the geolocation data of cell towers. If the target user is outside the network coverage area, the application will intercept the satellite signal. Apart from fast and accurate locating the iPhone and stable broadcasting of geodata, the developers offer a profitable affiliate program. Hence, if you want to locate iPhone by phone number for free, start using this software right now.

Broadcasting the last geolocation of target device

The application tracks the point at which the iPhone was turned on for the last time even if it was turned off long before tracking with Mobile-Locator has begun. Software algorithms access this information by analyzing a device's interaction history with communication towers requested from mobile operators.

The app is compatible with iOS and MacOS devices

The web application is a universal solution for locating any Apple device. To start working with this app, just create an account and log into it through any browser. The app will successfully locate any device of interest even if the Locator features were not activated, location services are disabled, or the device is in airplane mode.

Pay once to access the app features

Our pricing model is very simple. Once you've made a single payment to get the app, you won't need to make any additional payments. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, you will be always able to locate your iPhone in case it gets lost again. Secondly, you will be able to enjoy the additional software features as you go.

Locate and track iPhone devices worldwide

Mobile-Locator employs a broad technological approach to interact with cell towers worldwide. Once the application has received a signal about the device location, it will instantly determine the country, region, city, and the address of the nearest object, and notify you of this.

How to locate the lost iPhone online via PC?

You can still use Mobile-Locator even after finding the lost iPhone.

Geolocate someone else in real time

Thanks to the app features, now you can also monitor the geolocation of a lost iPhone in real time. The software will automatically determine the address of nearest building or an object as well as find and display the phone numbers of nearby establishments or public places.

Sending notifications when the device is turned on

To catch the moment when target device is turned on, we recommend linking your phone number to the geolocation tracker. Having identified the cellular signal from the device, the software will immediately call to the specified number. You can also activate alerts via SMS, email, or browser notifications.

Displaying the smartphone's location on the map

The travel history and routes of the target device can be tracked on interactive maps via the Dashboard. Mobile-Locator saves the travel history of the target iPhone. So, it can show the geolocation of target device at specified times. You can open geotags from maps and travel routes in one click on Google Maps or using other popular map services.

Automatic Selfie Snapshot

The smartphone will take a series of photos with the front camera when trying to unlock it, and then display them on the Mobile-Locator's Dashboard. To activate this feature, the app uses internal device features. Therefore, the app does not require the use of any additional software.

To instantly locate an iPhone, just specify the phone number the target device is linked to.


Enter your phone number

Enter the phone number of your lost iPhone in international format by selecting your country with area code from the drop-down menu. Our software will take care of the rest.


Wait for the search to complete

The Mobile-Locator will establish a satellite connection to locate the nearest cell tower and display the device's GPS coordinates on a map.


Wait for the result

Once the app has successfully geolocated the target device, it will show the message “Success!” in the dialog box. The location point and travel history of the target device will be available on the Dashboard.

Find iPhone by satellite

The software can also find the iPhones connected to satellite communications. The application interacts with operators providing a signal via satellite in a way similar to the one described above. It accesses GPS data from the satellite, and then broadcasts it to the Dashboard.

Remote locking of target device

The application can send a signal to the target device. Once the device has received this signal, it will be instantly blocked. In this case, the iPhone will remain turned on until the battery runs out, and its location will be tracked. To disable remote locking, you need to sign in to iCloud.

The software gives a sound signal to locate an iPhone nearby

This is a very useful feature for those who keep losing their iPhone at home, in the car or outside the city. The software initiates an alarm or vibration alert even if the device is turned off or in a silent mode. Then it automatically plays a signal at the maximum volume level.

Cloud data storage

Synchronize iPhone memory with Mobile-Locator in the same way as you do it with iCloud storage. The app will automatically save all the selected file types. Thanks to their special compression technology, the application database can store the data volume of 500 gB at standard memory usage.

Convenient navigation in the cloud storage

The users can access the root folders of a smartphone without activating the developer mode. The Dashboard interface can display, filter and sort the data stored on the device in several ways. Combined, these interface features form an alternative intuitive navigation system.

Active Connection

If your iPhone is turned off or in airplane mode, neither iCloud nor Locator app won't find the target device using the standard methods provided by Apple. However, with Mobile-Locator, you can easily locate your device in one touch.


Global сustomer support

The Mobile-Locator team values each customer and pays special attention to the accuracy of features, continuously striving to improve the offered service.


User's trust rating

According to recent survey, this is the number of customers who want to use the service again. We really appreciate this.


How often does the app update the device's location data? Can I do it manually?

The application tracks and broadcasts the iPhone's geolocation to the Dashboard in real time. Therefore, you don't need to manually update this information.

Can the app track a satellite iPhone?

Yes, the Mobile-Locator employs the technology allowing to obtain data about the device location both from the cell towers and a satellite.

Can I lock my lost iPhone via the Mobile-Locator app?

The app has a tool that sends a blocking signal to the target iPhone by a command. To unlock the device, you will have to enter the current username and password from iCloud on the locked device.

Can I find an iPhone if it got stolen and jailbroken?

Jailbreak will not prevent you from finding your device. Mobile-Locator will receive the data on the iPhone's geoposition from the telecom operator, therefore the device software has nothing to do with tracking.

Do I need to remember iCloud password to track iPhone via Mobile-Locator?

To remotely locate the device of your interest, just specify the phone number linked to the physical SIM card or eSIM inserted into the iPhone.

How can Mobile-Locator find my iPhone with disabled geolocation feature?

The software exploits common vulnerabilities of cellular operators. This allows you to detect the nearest cell towers and determine the signal strength of the target device. This information is sufficient to determine the location cell with the maximum accuracy.

User reviews

star star star star star5

I got this tool when I couldn't find my iPhone through Apple's locator. I didn't know what else to do, and this app has solved my problem. I got a call from app when a passerby picked up my phone on the street and turned it on, and contacted him.

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star star star star star5

Mobile-Locator has really helped me to find my iPhone that was lost during Turkish vacation. My friend advised me to buy this app as it somehow helped him in a similar situation. I got really lucky that the phone was on and it turned out that it was lost on the beach. I sent a sound signal to it and found it pretty quickly.

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star star star star star5

This is the only smart third-party iPhone finder app I know so far. I bought it after my boyfriend lost his iPhone, and we were trying to figure out how to find the lost iPhone by phone number, if it's turned off. In general, we really liked the app feature and the interface. We highly recommend it!

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star star star star star5

This is a honest and safe solution, I recommend it to everyone! It's a great alternative to the standard Apple app and it offers some nice bonuses like a cloud storage.

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star star star star star5

I was so stupid that I had to find an iPhone without an iCloud password. I don't know how I would have gotten out of this trouble without this wonderful software. Fortunately, the phone was on, I forgot it in the cafe. Hopefully, next time I forget my iPhone somewhere, I will definitely find it:))”

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star star star star star5

Sometimes I forget where I left my phone in apartment so I have to spend hours looking for it. And usually it's in silent mode, so calling it is not an option. So, ML is exactly what I need! With loud beep I can easily find my phone even when it got lost in the couch 🤦🏼‍♀️

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