Mobile-Locator can do it all

The Mobile-Locator web app is a convenient and secure tool for viewing the geolocation of your children or relatives, finding lost or stolen smartphones, monitoring your employees' performance and tracking logistics. The use of cellular signal interception technology allows you to track a person's location using a SIM card without their permission. We do not limit the use of our features - you can decide for yourself how to use the benefits of the service.

Viewing geolocation
Tracking geolocation

Start monitoring your geo-positioning and movements online. Up to five tracking locations can be displayed on a live map at the same time. Know where your loved ones are by viewing your current location, travel routes, addresses, and stop times. Phone location

  • Mobile tracker

Up to 3 meters away

IPhone iOS tracker

  1. Online search for lost iPhone, iPad, Macbook
  2. Available to run without confirmation
  3. Works even if the device is inaccessible
iOS tracker

Android Android tracker

  1. Find your lost or stolen Android device
  2. Compatible with any version of Android
  3. Remote start without access to the device
Android tracker

Parental control

  1. Monitor the whereabouts of loved ones
  2. Combine up to five participants on one map
  3. No consent or verification required to start
Location tracking

Travel History

After starting a monitoring session, Mobile Locator automatically queries the location of the device being tracked once every 300 seconds. The coordinate information is automatically saved and allows you to create routes of your movements. Intelligent algorithms automatically recognize addresses where stops are made.

Try the feature: Travel History

Travel History

Device Tracker with eSIM

In addition to devices with a physical SIM card, Mobile-Locator tracks the coordinates of the location of devices with eSIM. This feature allows you to monitor the movement of various devices, such as electronic watches, cell phones and tablets.

Try the feature: Device Tracker with eSIM

Device Tracker with eSIM

Phone Directory.

Received a call from an unknown number? Mobile-Locator will tell you everything about the owner. Just enter the phone number and find out the caller's name, current location with address, and the make and model of the device from which the call was made.

Try the feature: Phone Directory.

Phone Directory.
How It works
Enter number

Simply enter your target phone number in international format and start the search process

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