android Android Tracker finds any mobile device online

Android Tracker technology shows the location of your own devices or the location of phones and tablets owned by others. As long as you know the cell phone number for your device, you can track its location anywhere in the world.

You can use Find Android to track and monitor geodata. If you lose your phone or are a victim of a thief, simply enter your cell phone number to see the current location of the caller.

Geolocation tracking app for Android devices   | Mobile-Locator

Track another person's geo-position from your Android phone

The online interface allows you to start Mobile-Locator by simply entering your phone number. All you need to get started is a stable Internet connection and any modern Android device with an updated browser. It can be Samsung, Google Phone, Xiaomi and any other device manufacturers.

  • There is no need to install or customize the app. The software is 100% remote.
  • Android phone location is instantly displayed on a detailed map. Mobile-Locator is able to track geolocation to within 3m².
  • Location data is updated in real time.
  • Total privacy: Tracking geolocation cannot be traced.
  • Mobile-Locator Dashboard is accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Device

Easily find people or track lost devices

Track your kids' geolocation to make sure they're at school, or coming home safely. Track employees: Be aware of how they're doing with their tasks; find out if your driver is really stuck in traffic! Tracking is not limited to Android phones and tablets - the software can track any mobile device. Tracking via - Mobile-Locator is fast, easy and safe. Sign up today and get a discount. Just enter your cell phone to get started.

How It works
Enter number

Simply enter your target phone number in international format and start the search process

Choose one of the subscriptions

Top up your balance and check your email for further instructions

Log in to

Go to the Dashboard and manage your available sessions to start tracking

What our customers are saying

Lost my gifted Samsung and didn't even have time to activate Google search. Thought there was no chance of finding it, but I was advised this app. Turns out I forgot it at a bar, where it was kindly returned to me.

My kid loses his tablet all the time. I bought the starter pack about a month ago and now we find it quickly before I can even get upset :).

Keeping track of my wife! Very handy that I can see not only where she is now, but where she was during the day and how long she stayed, bravo!!!

The coolest tracker I have ever tried! I'm not good with all this spy stuff, but you don't have to be a pro here. Anyone can just type in a number and in 5 minutes will know where the person is.

The software works even if the phone is turned off! I didn't believe it at first, but I ran tests on my device. And guess what? In all cases, it shows the correct location. Tried air mode, no signal and other factors. Perfect!

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