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The application uses communication base stations to find people by phone number. The software uses an SS7 data transmission protocol vulnerability to connect to communication towers, and then determines his exact location using triangulation. Mobile-Locator scales access to mobile operators' data, thus gaining the ability to query them for other subscriber data.

Find a person's location by phone number online | Mobile-Locator

Find a person's location

  • Find the person on the map. Subscriber's location is displayed on interactive maps in the Dashboard. In addition, the software shows the address and coordinates of the location where the person is.
  • Find out subscriber's address. The target user's home address is displayed as a separate geo-mark on the address. Mobile-Locator also tracks a person's landline phone number, if available.
  • Determine address by city phone number. The Telephone Directory tool finds an address in the format City > District > Street > House Number > Apartment Number.
  • Search by social network link. You can also find a person's location from a link on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if the tracked user's number is not hidden by privacy settings.
  • Find out where the subscriber was in the past. Operators store data about the user's whereabouts for a week. The software opens access to this information.

The combination of available features ensures a successful result, regardless of the complexity of the search. The software will find the person even if their smartphone is disconnected.

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